Thursday, February 03, 2011


Our first glimpse of Mia as she walked into the room...........Tissue alert!!!

We are in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click pictures for a larger view

Mia is from the Hunan Province of China. Chenzhou SWI

Tomorrow we will receive all of her paperwork (in Chinese) & our agency has also sent a copy out for translation. With the CNY holiday, we won't have much more information until the end of next week.

2/4/2011: Paperwork received, mostly in Chinese. Next week we should have her translation back.

2/5/2011: Letter of acceptance mailed!!

2/7/2011: Translation received.

2/9/2011: Here is what we know as of May 2010: Will get updated info before travel.

Height: 26.8 inches

Weight: 18.7 lbs

She has been in the Chenzhou SWI since 24 hours of her birth.

She wakes at 0630am, naps about 1 hour and sleep time is 7:30pm

Feedings 6x a day approx 250cc each feeding

Moderate sleeper, holds her head up while lying on her stomach, rolls from supine to prone by herself, grasps toys near her hand, tears paper, takes a toy block in one hand, then takes another one by using the other hand, locates the direction of sound/voice, visually follows toys, holds blocks in each hand, looks for dropped toy, transfers a block from one hand to the other, follows you by moving her head, laughs aloud, can distinguish between aquaintance and strangers, makes sounds directed at someone or something, eats biscuits without help, knows her name and turns when called, responds to others who ask for her toys, she is active, restless, fond of music, fond of toys, has a ready smile, fond of playing games, is close to her caretaker and "grandmothers" She enjoys colorful toys with sound.

2/15/2011 Waiting for more paperwork to arrive this week.

3/7/2011: Visas have arrived, waiting in T(ravel) A(uthorization)

3/10/2011: TA ! arrived, Waiting on Consulate appointments.

4/4/2011: Flight to Beijing

4/10/2011: Fly to Changsha, China

4/11/2011: Meet Mia @ the Civil Affairs office

4/12/2011: Finalize adoption paperwork

4/15/2011: Fly to Guangzhou, China

4/16/2011: Mia's medical exam

4/18/2011: American Consulate

4/19/2011: Pick up Mia's Visa

4/21/2011: Depart Guangzhou, China For the USA!!

4/22/2011: Arrive in Tampa, FL @ 12:30 am

5/20/2011: 1st post placement visit with our new social worker


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh Gina... I am SO incredibly happy for you both... amazing feeling isn't it... she is SO gorgeous... and cute to boot :)

Hanne said...

Congratulations!! Hunan-girls are absolutely beautifull and wonderfull girls.

Hanne from Denmark

Truly Blessed said...

She's simply beautiful!!!!!

Congratulations to the two of you on your gorgeous new daughter. What a sweetie!

TB from RQ

Jonni said...

Oh Gina! She is beyond beautiful and we are so happy for you, Gordon and Mia. We love you girl and are sharing in your joy. She is perfect! What a little spicy girl. LOVE those cheeks too.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! She is beautiful. I am so happy for you guys. Even though we have never met I feel a connection as we took this journey together. All the very best.

Christine & John

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...


She is just BEAUTIFUL!!

BTW, Is she from Chenzhou?

I recognized the background in her referral photos. My daughter was just adopted from this orphanage and her referral photos look almost identical. I may have a photo or two of your precious girl from the day we visited the orphanage.

You can email me visionsbylisa at gmail dot com.

SO thrilled for you!!

Best wishes~


Shelley said...

OMG! Gina, Mia is absolutely beautiful ...and born in the Year of the Ox. : )

Congratulations! Much love and happiness to you, Gordon and your new little addition.



P.S. - Now get ready ...the whirlwind of adoption travel fun is about to begin!

Tracy and Bob said...

OMG SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am so HAPPY for the two of you!!!!!


Tracy said...

OMG!! Is she from Chenzhou?? That is where Charlotte is from! It is an amazing orphanage and Charlotte came to us with no health issues other than an upper respiratory cold - but nothing sever - no fevers - no gut issues, etc. They have amazing care - HTS orphanage - and she had no attachment issues other than it took her about 4 days to warm up to Daddy.

Just know that your girl is in good care! It is nice to know that.

And she is BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy for you! Can you believe it? Wow. You must be on Cloud 9.

(and feel free to email me as well. Tracy dot Emanoff at

Andrea said...

Your Mia is absolutely beautiful!!!! Congratulations Mommy and Daddy!!

Anonymous said...

Oh My She Is Precious!!! Love Her Already! Can't Wait To Hold Her!! Because You Know That Is What I Do With Babies!!!!
Love Ya Both, Congratulations!!
Your Partner,

Tricia said...

Congrats, she is beautiful!!!!!!!

Research-China.Org said...

Congratulations on your Hunan referral!! When you are ready to get her newspaper finding ad (with a great photo months younger than her referral photos!) come visit us.

All the best for a speedy trip!!


Brandi said...

I was going to ask the same thing as Lisa! With the name and the background it looks like she may be from Chenzhou. My little one is from Chenzhou.

Our Journey to Caydence said...

OMG!! She's BEAUTIFUL! I have been stalking your site all day. We all are lucky to get such beautiful girls. I love my Caydence already also. have been staring at her picture all day.

Our Journey to Caydence said...

I forgot to tell you Congratulations..

Donna said...

Such sweet cheeks!!!!

Laurie said...

She is absolutely perfect! So beautiful and healthy looking. Congratulations, we are so excited for you and Gordon.

Laurie & Steve

Donna -N- Andrew said...


Special K said...

Finally back on line. Been dying to see her pics.

She's absolutely breathtaking, Gina! Shed some happy tears for you when I saw her beautiful face. Congratulations! You're a mom!!!!!

Debbie Sauer said...

Congratulations. Looking forward to following your journey to China. Blessings

Ernesto y Felisa said...

Sincerely, congrats for this beauty little girl: your daughter.
Xin nian quai le
Felisa (we also are waiting for our little son or daughter from Chine..., it's hard, thanks very much for share your hapiness and her beauty face)
Regards, from the northwest of Spain.

Catherine said...

Congratulations!!! SO happy for you!

Catherine - Mommy to an amazing 23 month old spicy girl who is the light of my life!

Anonymous said...


Our little one is from Chenzhou also - she's 4 3/4 now.

Jonni said...

Hope you had sweet dreams dreaming about your daughter Mia last night. :)

Lesa said...

Oh My Goodness!!! It is about time Junebugs are getting their turn!!!
Congratulations to you both!!!!
She is gorgeous.

Andrea said...

I just noticed that Mia is a Halloween baby. You definetely got the treat and not a trick!!!!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

congrats! She is beautiful@

J Brant said...

Congrats... she is beautiful and I agree with Lesa above, we have had a long wait!

Orchids and Ladybugs said...

Congratulations on your beautiful Blessing! Mother to a Junebug and waiting for my second granddaughter. As a Mother and Grandma there is no Greater Joy.
Safe Travels.(also friend to Jonni)

KandK said...

Shis is beautiful!! Our Katie is
also from Chenzhou!!! We have been home for 6 months:)


Jonni said...

YAY! Glad to hear your letter of acceptance was mailed. Next stop.....China!!!! Now come on LOA & TA!


Susi said...

She is adorable. Congrats.

Susi, from Spain, ex DTC 05/18/2006 and mother of two gorgeous Chinesse girls

Chinamama4 said...

Visiting here from the Chenzhou Yahoo group...
Congratulations on your referral! Your daughter is adorable! Our Rachel, now 8 1/2, is from Chenzhou - we brought her home in 2003. Your Mia is in good hands while she waits for you!
Looking forward to following your journey!

Cora said...

Our daughter is from Chenzhou as well. I might have a picture of our daughters together email me at Chloehunan at gmail dot com. Mia is gorgeous.


Don and Be said...

Beautiful. Congrats to you both! Our little Empress is also from Hunan and she comes with a spicy attitude like the food from that district.
You have been faithful during a long wait when others may have chosen a different adoption route. Mia is sure to be loved in a way that she has never known.
HomeDaddy Don
BTW - I don't do the blog anymore as most of the friends I've met in Blogland have FaceBook accounts and we've kept up in that format. I have a jillion pics of our Hunan Honey. If you like, drop me a friend request (HomeDaddy Don) and we can hook up. I will continue to watch for your updates, though.

kitchu said...

just so happy for you. she is beautiful ! congrats!


Kudo said...

She is just beautiful congrats so wonderful to see the June Bugs start coming home

jeep said...

Congratulations - My husband and I met your husband at Lowes. It was great talking to you on the phone. This is such an exciting time for you two. It is the most amazing exerience becoming a family of 3! Your daughter is absolutely adorable. I actually saw her before I met your husband because I still follow RQ! All our best Terri, Dustin, and Dakota (The Lowes Family) :)

Sharon Ankerich said...

What a precious baby!!! I have a friend we were in China with that has a baby from Chenzhou. I can give you her blog if you are interested in reading about her trip. It is beautiful there!!! Can't wait to follow you to China and back!
Blessings and Joy!

Alyson and Ford said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful! Enjoy the journey!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
FFD 09/16/2008

Anonymous said...

Awww I've been following your blog for a while now & I just want to say Congratulations.

The Raudenbush Family said...

She is such a pretty baby. Congrats! Such an exciting time for your family!

Jonni said...

I love the referral video you added Gina. Mia is just too sweet~. ♥