Thursday, February 17, 2011

More paperwork...

Finally! Today we received our "Big packet" of information. This packet includes updates costs (of course-it's been 4.8 years) I-600 application, Chinese Visa Application (2), forms if you are I-800 Hague, oodles of forms to notarize and sign. All this adds up to about a 1/2 ream of paper and many hours of reading & re-reading (for me atleast) . I did manage to get a shot of the FedEX guy delivering this packet @ 9am, he was kind enough to pose for me. This time I could think a bit more clearly and had the camera by the door.

Now we are ready to send out these forms, have them delivered to the Chinese Consulate and return forms to our agency. Whew...........that totally was stressfull for me.

We are currently officially waiting for our Invite to Travel from China!
I didn't process this more energy left for photoshop tonight.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

At least with this paperwork... it is more fun :)

Cora said...

I am so excited that Mia is coming home, now that I know who she is! The Fed ex guy thought I was nuts when I wanted his picture :).

Andrea said...

You are on the last leg of your journey to your Mia. Yay!!!!

China Dreams said...

This is the nerve-wracking part, I think, after such a long wait wanting to make sure that every single piece of that 1/2 ream is correct!

Good luck,

Shelley said...

How very cool. Married to a FedEx Ops boss, I love seeing them in these pix. :)

Congrats on getting through that grueling milestone. There are more to come but that is a biggie.

Good things ahead for you.


Jonni said...

What an awesome picture Gina and your FedEx guy looks so friendly. A lot better than some of the less than friendly pics of FedEx guys I have seen. Now come on TA! :)