Monday, February 21, 2011

Updated Photos!

Today we received updates from Ann @ Red Thread & some photos that were taken of our Mia last week along with her currents measurements. We still have 2 cameras that were sent over (1 thru the agency & 1 thru Ann @ Red thread) so hopefully we will get some more back before we travel. She looks totally ticked off in that last picture :) Not sure what is in her hands but she has it in every picture. Check out all those layers of clothing, and those split pants....she is way too cute for words. I'm excited she is actually walking, and she is about Moosey's height so that should be quite interesting once we get home. Still waiting on our invitation to travel, all paperwork has been signed, notarized, sent to the courrier and shipped out. :)
At 15 months:

She is currently 26.4 lbs and 30.31" tall.

Oh we love this girl!
3/7/2011: Visas have arrived, just waiting on TA.
3/10/2011: TA

Thursday, February 17, 2011

More paperwork...

Finally! Today we received our "Big packet" of information. This packet includes updates costs (of course-it's been 4.8 years) I-600 application, Chinese Visa Application (2), forms if you are I-800 Hague, oodles of forms to notarize and sign. All this adds up to about a 1/2 ream of paper and many hours of reading & re-reading (for me atleast) . I did manage to get a shot of the FedEX guy delivering this packet @ 9am, he was kind enough to pose for me. This time I could think a bit more clearly and had the camera by the door.

Now we are ready to send out these forms, have them delivered to the Chinese Consulate and return forms to our agency. Whew...........that totally was stressfull for me.

We are currently officially waiting for our Invite to Travel from China!
I didn't process this more energy left for photoshop tonight.

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Our first glimpse of Mia as she walked into the room...........Tissue alert!!!

We are in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click pictures for a larger view

Mia is from the Hunan Province of China. Chenzhou SWI

Tomorrow we will receive all of her paperwork (in Chinese) & our agency has also sent a copy out for translation. With the CNY holiday, we won't have much more information until the end of next week.

2/4/2011: Paperwork received, mostly in Chinese. Next week we should have her translation back.

2/5/2011: Letter of acceptance mailed!!

2/7/2011: Translation received.

2/9/2011: Here is what we know as of May 2010: Will get updated info before travel.

Height: 26.8 inches

Weight: 18.7 lbs

She has been in the Chenzhou SWI since 24 hours of her birth.

She wakes at 0630am, naps about 1 hour and sleep time is 7:30pm

Feedings 6x a day approx 250cc each feeding

Moderate sleeper, holds her head up while lying on her stomach, rolls from supine to prone by herself, grasps toys near her hand, tears paper, takes a toy block in one hand, then takes another one by using the other hand, locates the direction of sound/voice, visually follows toys, holds blocks in each hand, looks for dropped toy, transfers a block from one hand to the other, follows you by moving her head, laughs aloud, can distinguish between aquaintance and strangers, makes sounds directed at someone or something, eats biscuits without help, knows her name and turns when called, responds to others who ask for her toys, she is active, restless, fond of music, fond of toys, has a ready smile, fond of playing games, is close to her caretaker and "grandmothers" She enjoys colorful toys with sound.

2/15/2011 Waiting for more paperwork to arrive this week.

3/7/2011: Visas have arrived, waiting in T(ravel) A(uthorization)

3/10/2011: TA ! arrived, Waiting on Consulate appointments.

4/4/2011: Flight to Beijing

4/10/2011: Fly to Changsha, China

4/11/2011: Meet Mia @ the Civil Affairs office

4/12/2011: Finalize adoption paperwork

4/15/2011: Fly to Guangzhou, China

4/16/2011: Mia's medical exam

4/18/2011: American Consulate

4/19/2011: Pick up Mia's Visa

4/21/2011: Depart Guangzhou, China For the USA!!

4/22/2011: Arrive in Tampa, FL @ 12:30 am

5/20/2011: 1st post placement visit with our new social worker

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

We will have news for you soon.
Unfortunately the snow storm up north has caused our agency to close today BUT they are still in e-mail contact with us and say they will be back in the office tomorrow.
I am stalking the computer at every chance I get, thank you for all the e-mails, comments and FB posts :)

Oh so close!!!! I can't even begin to explain the emotions I'm feeling