Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Camera time...............

While I am at home recovering from surgery for the next 6 weeks--BORING--I had the opportunity to pick the brain of a photog friend that I went to school with.

Today Bridge taught me more about my camera and photography than I got out of the 3 books I have been reading, guess I am more a hands on kinda girl.
We spent 2 hours just yuckin it up "chatting" about cameras and life, it was great to catch up.
Here is a photo I took last month after a hard freeze.
You can see the photo info then a before and after pic of the processing. I'm still learning how to tweak the actions.......but I'm learning.

Can you see the difference?

I used 2 actions to get these results, Boost & Sharpen, not used to using actions. I have only used actions a few times before but now that I have been given these tips I don't see how you couldn't use them. Now I feel a little more confident in my pictures :)

Visit Bridgette's Website if you want to see her fantastic photos.


Laurie said...

Hi Gina,
I am impatiently waiting with you. Our LID is 5-31-06. I have the Canon Rebel Ti2!! I love it but I have a lot to learn. Not sure if I'm bringing it to China or not.

I sent you an email yesterday at the comcast address listed on this page.

Take care,

Jonni said...

Looks great Gina and I hope you are feeling better. I heard that matching has begun! :)

Special K said...

Nice. I still have no idea how to use mine. It's all auto for now...