Tuesday, November 30, 2010


One of the large U.S. agencies has announced that matching has begun!!!

Waiting to hear the cut off date.

We probably won't make it in this batch but one can only wait & see.

How the hell am I supposed to sleep tonight????? I just need a cut off date, in or out not this wait, wait, wait stuff!

Here is where we are and where we need to be...................................................

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving & Black Friday

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at the in-laws house, our friends Steve & Denise +2 joined us. This has become the tradition & I think there have been up to as many as 16 people and 3 dogs in that dining room. Next year we are excited to add one more tiny person to the table!
Of course we had way too much to eat and feel it today..... have a foodie hangover.
*Note to self: Self start the weekend with some coffee, fast for a few meals and for Gosh sakes...get some exercise!
Do you get up before sunrise and shop?
I'm not one to get up early to brave the crowded stores & didn't have any intentions of shopping today, BUT....I downloaded this nifty little app on my Droid last night called "Black Friday" , it shows every sale possible. Well, all I had to see was a pair of boots and out the door I went. Now I can promise you all that I didn't get up at 3, 4, 5 or even 6 am to beat the crowds. Around 9am I went out with one goal in mind and there they were just sitting right out front on the display as soon as I entered the store, boots = love :)

Armed with a coupon in hand & "Black Friday" deals I got these great boots and back out the door I left for home. Not that it gets cold down here but I will wear these as soon as it gets below 70 degrees at night.
Looks like we won't make the cut off (False labor) this month for a referral so that means most likely NEXT MONTH is the one! I will post a definate on the referrals probably the first of the week as soon as RQ gets a hold of the dates. Don't know how long they can drag out 10 days but we will soon find out. (we are 7 days away in actual paperwork days LID) Here is what I'm talking about:
You technically can take out 3 days from the equation (Sat 27th, Sun 28th and Mon 29th-Holiday)leaving just 7 actual days leading up to June 2nd. China is getting ready for CNY (Chinese New Year is Feb. 3) and I hope this doesn't slow down our referral even more.

Thank you once again to our wonderful family & friends for sticking with us thru this crazy wait and not thinking we are nutzo (OK so maybe you do think that but you all are doing a great job holding back)with the every month count down.
This is happening now people, we are in our last trimester :) I'm emotionally exhausted & excited at the same time.

***FYI for those of you with cameras and photo software.....
this photo was taken with my Canon Rebel T1i
F-stop = f/4
Exp time= 1/60
ISO = 400
Lens = 50mm (using a friends lens)
White Balance = Auto

This picture was then modified using Topaz Adjust (Love love love that plug in filter for photoshop)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


*As of 08:39am 11.2.10

  • Awaiting Rorrie

  • Patiently Waiting for Chayse

  • A Rose Blooms in May

  • Waiting for our Gift

  • God’s Gift from China

  • The following families in other programs would like to share their news:

    Monday, November 01, 2010

    More Chalk art

    Again, you should be able to click on the photos for a close up. Amazing work! AND, it was 90 degrees outside - they were on hot asphalt. ouch!