Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paperwork fun

OK, the USCIS didn't receive an updated criminal background check from our agency and today our I171-H is due to expire! FYI, the USCIS want your background check to be updated every year.......That's great to know - NOW. Do you think they know your background check is only good for the time up to the day they did the check???? Can't I get a little slack-I work for the government and they would be the first to know if I got in trouble with the poepoe.

Luckily I found a wonderful person at the USCIS that is working on our case and is going to keep our file open as she knows the entire ordeal since our 1st packet was lost on arrival at their facility. I had another breakdown with her on the phone when she told me it was fine and she wouldn't close our file. I want to hug her little head for being so good to us!!!!!!

Last night (after a huge breakdown at work-and I mean huge) I sent off a check for $48.00 for the background check and OH spent $24.00 to overnite express it to the FDLE to arrive at 10am today. It should (hmmm) take 5-6 days t process it I am told.
Fingerprinting is next week so hopefully by the end of next week all will be well. Good GOD this is an emotional roller coaster ride. I had to switch to waterproof mascara! lol....Seriously!

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