Friday, April 09, 2010

Future home of.................

world class rowing............yep, right next to our (temporary) station. Today starts a 3 day meet that is expected to draw a crowd of over 5,000...lucky us-we're on duty (sarcastically spoken). Rowing = Big lake

Big lake = Water

Water in FL= GATORS! (we have seen atleast 7 in that lake)

I don't like gators, not to mention the fact that we could possibly have to do a water rescue in their swimming pond!

Currently I am over-joyed (& tyring to still calm down) at the fact we (my partner and I) got to play "dodge the car" this am as we were washing the rescue (daily chores 'round the firehouse) The folks that are arriving today are very eager to make their way to the parking area of this rowing event at no expense, speeding thru the tiny space between the ambulance, us and a light pole because they haven't even the seen the signs to let them know where to go, we told them where to go :) hehehehehehehe No really we did.

Tell me, what kind of person actually thinks "hey this looks like a good place to park"-right infront of the bay door(which is open by the way, with a rescue in there) of a fire station? Welcome to our world, that was yesterday............maybe today we can actually make it out of the station to run 911 calls? think? OK, I'll confess...someone might be a little tone deaf today due to yesterday's fun. Got to get them to take notice somehow that an ambulance with FLASHING LIGHTS, SIRENS & an AIRHORN blowing(that's where the deafness comes into play) is trying to get thru their car! Pay attention people! DUH!

*This lake is scheduled to be the the national headquarters for world class rowing by 2011.

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