Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cupcake frosting 101

I need a little input from you all. I have been practicing my frosting technique just about every weekend lately (yes, all of our co-workers are thrilled to get these on Mondays).
OK so here you see 3 frosted cupcakes, they are numbered. Can you please tell me which one of the 3 you like best, one of them has been done by my husband who seems to think it is easy......humpf! SO it is important that you give me your opinion you see :)
It has taken me over 4 weekends to get even this far, what a difference a decorating tip that is the correct size can make.
You should be able to click on the picture for a close up.
#1 is called the rose
#2 a star tip w/sprinkles
#3 a swirl with a 1m tip
**I will tell you next weekend which one of these cupcakes my DH did**
I need a great frosting recipe, feel free to share. The frosting part is the real PIA, I have gone thru so much butter and confectioners sugar it's not even funny and I still haven't found the perfect recipe for frosting!!!
These are "the Blogger Chocolate Cake" recipe from my recipe blog and the frosting is a combination of a Swiss Butter Cream and Chai frosting recipe that I just dabbled with. (Chai is one of my most favorite flavors EVER)


Michelle said...

I like #2, but that might be because of the sprinkles. Sprinkles make me happy. #3 would be my second choice.

Now I'm craving cupcakes :)

Stephe said...

OMG, Michelle took the words right out of my mouth...ALL OF THEM! I vote the same way and now I want cupcakes!!!