Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Recipe site

Hello to all of my blogger buddies. Well today starts a new project for me, I have decided to throw myself into my recipe blog.
We recived a call from our agency last night and the news was that our wait COULD be another 2 years for a referral:( If you know me then you know when I am sad, depressed or stressed I bake sooooooooo that leads me to my new site. There is a link to my site up on under my header "Recipes", that will take you there. Also look on the left sidebar, there is some code for you to place on your blogs if you whish.
I will be baking up a storm and posting pictures in the months to come. This will be the place where I post my favorite recipes and the links to where I have found them.
This weekend is looking like Lemon-Limoncello Cupcakes so stay tuned for our review of this yummy looking recipe. Of course our co-workers & friends will be reaping the rewards of my baking, I will give you their reviews also.

**2.14.10: Made the Lemon-Limoncello cupcakes last weekend but they were not recipe blog worthy so I am at it again trying out something new.


Pug Mama said...

whattttttttttttttt????? TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special K said...

I call bullshit on the 2 years thing. I don't believe it for a second. I say 1 more year for us tops.

Shelley said...

OMG! That is incredible. Oh Gina, I am so sorry.

Jonni said...

2 years????WTF????

So sorry to hear this. Gotta go check out your new iste. I am usre it is fab just like you! :)