Friday, January 08, 2010

New Look

Hi all.........I have been playing around (learning) how to be creative with my blogs. Just finished revamping our recipe blog, it's a little busy but I like how it turned out for my first dimensional background. Let me know what you think and while you are there try out some of my recipes. Link is up on the right side of my navigation and you can click here too.
Since it is going to SNOW down here in SW Florida tomorrow night I will probably be spending more time tweaking my blogs. Can you believe it? Yesterday the high was around 55 today 64 and tomorrow 44 in the daytime with evening snow-crap! We do not have the clothing for freezing weather down here, usually there are only a few days of temps around 40 (at night)during our winter. I know most of you are calling us wimps, yep we sure are!Burrrrrrrrrrrr. Off to make some hot chocolate and get comfy for the night.
*This am I just noticed that my recipe page is not adjusting for different screen sizes - sorry about that. Looks like there is definately more tweaking to be done. Blog work never ends does it.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Still counting