Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas vacation?

We took a few days of over the Christmas holidays and though it would be a good idea to stay around the house and get some projects done....not so sure how great of an idea that was. Gordon & I decided we wanted to have custom cabinets in our closet BUT didn't want to spend the $5,000+ that we were quoted so we did them ourselves. WARNING...this is not a good idea for a husband and wife to spend days together in a master closet! Here are the final pictures but it was a hard road to get can 2 people argue so much over a stinkin closet?
We are all better now and the closet looks great but I will pay someone next time to do it.
This weekend we are going to re-pain the patio and pool deck....what kind of trouble can that cause?

This is everything that came out of the closet before we began.

Finished closet! It's only an 8 foot walk-in so the pics are as far back as I could get them.

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Jonni said...


You guys rocked that closet! Looks awesome. I am glad to hear that you and Gordon worked out your differences. Hopefully he was a smart husband and said "whatever you say dear because you are always right" to you. :)

Can't wait to see more of your projects.