Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas vacation?

We took a few days of over the Christmas holidays and though it would be a good idea to stay around the house and get some projects done....not so sure how great of an idea that was. Gordon & I decided we wanted to have custom cabinets in our closet BUT didn't want to spend the $5,000+ that we were quoted so we did them ourselves. WARNING...this is not a good idea for a husband and wife to spend days together in a master closet! Here are the final pictures but it was a hard road to get can 2 people argue so much over a stinkin closet?
We are all better now and the closet looks great but I will pay someone next time to do it.
This weekend we are going to re-pain the patio and pool deck....what kind of trouble can that cause?

This is everything that came out of the closet before we began.

Finished closet! It's only an 8 foot walk-in so the pics are as far back as I could get them.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Where did it go?

Do you follow my blog? I have noticed that under "followers" it will not display my fan club :) Did everyone leave me, surely that couldn't be the case could it (sad sigh)? Has anyone had this problem and what do I need to do to fix it? I am not very blog savy anymore since Facebook and a Blackberry has taken over my life-help is much appreciated.

I am starting to get the itch to change up the blog once again......better the blog than Mia's room AGAIN (yes, have done that twice in the past 42 months). Be prepared for changes if I just had an idea of what I wanted to do.....................................hmmmmmmmm
Speaking of my fans club (heheeh) ya'll are way too quiet out there, I haven't had much to read on your blogs lately....ok I've been bad too but I am sooooooooo boring at this point, our 2 dogs are the highlight of our weeks for now.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Another month down

As of today they have referred thru March 2006...we are now in April!!!!!! There are 62 days between the current referral date and our LID.