Sunday, August 02, 2009

Just another day

38, is the 38th month that we have been logged in China. How much longer you ask? If only we knew the answer. Last month the CCAA placed 2 days worth of LID's and if they don't pick up the pace we have absolutly NO idea when we will get a referral. Thank you to all of our friends that continue to count the months with us, we are still in it for the haul!


Pug Mama said...

don't loose hope - happy 38

Special K said...

Just a big fat guess and a very strong feeling.... but I think we're right about the 12 more mths or less mark. I really do.

Michelle said...

38 down. Just keep pluggin' along!

Jonni said...

Awww honey, so sorry to hear how long this is taking. I pray they speed up. I have been thinking about you.

Sorry I have been away for so long. Just have been busy with things and not on the computer as much. I will be better soon.