Friday, July 10, 2009

Smile you are on camera!

How cool, I can actually watch my house and neighbors' houses from my little ole computer while at work. CCTV is a beautiful thing. So here I sit with mulitple screens opened up on my lap top..........facebook (adicted), work mail, my mail, shopping & my house! Waiting on a package? yep just flip over to the front door screen and take a peak :) These things are so cool, you can even take a peak at what the dogs are doing inside AND talk to them (if you wanted to-not that I would.....yea right of course I would. I talk to them on the phone even). They can do other cool things too and it even sends me e-mails.

Make sure you wave at me if you drive by..............can see you at night too :)

1 comment:

Stephe said...

Okay, tell us more. I want to know how to get one of these to watch my house too!!!