Monday, July 27, 2009

New paint

I totally forgot to post, while we were on vacation my in-laws painted our house for us. We are so spoiled........what a great job they did! Also, my house was usual spotless after my mother-in-law stays over-she cleans everything.........she sees my house in disarray usually-not a pigsty but there is usually the entire week of junk mail still on our countertops and the bed is not made nicey-nice just the comforter thrown over the bed. Here is the new house color. It's a cross between khaki and coffe late. Our flowers are going to look great next to this wall color.

testing out the color

Front door


Special K said...

Oh I looooove it! That new color is gorgeous. And how lucky are you to not have to do it yourself.. LOL!

PS. Your house is gorgeous, too. Wow!

Jonni said...

What awesome in-laws! Your house is beautiful. You should go away for vacation more often (lol).:)