Monday, July 27, 2009

New paint

I totally forgot to post, while we were on vacation my in-laws painted our house for us. We are so spoiled........what a great job they did! Also, my house was usual spotless after my mother-in-law stays over-she cleans everything.........she sees my house in disarray usually-not a pigsty but there is usually the entire week of junk mail still on our countertops and the bed is not made nicey-nice just the comforter thrown over the bed. Here is the new house color. It's a cross between khaki and coffe late. Our flowers are going to look great next to this wall color.

testing out the color

Front door

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A look at training

GET OUT THE WINDOW!!!! from Curt Bowen on Vimeo.

Here is some video from our current training taken by Curt Bowen Our new bunkergear has a built in harness for rappelling.

Friday, July 10, 2009

New recipes

I have posted a few new recipes on my other site...........if you like scallops you will LOVE this one! I have made it twice so far and it's a keeper (actually weight watcher friendly too). Click here to visit my recipe site.
I forgot to take the picture on a pretty plate so it's pictured already packed up in Gordon's to-go container for leftovers.

Smile you are on camera!

How cool, I can actually watch my house and neighbors' houses from my little ole computer while at work. CCTV is a beautiful thing. So here I sit with mulitple screens opened up on my lap top..........facebook (adicted), work mail, my mail, shopping & my house! Waiting on a package? yep just flip over to the front door screen and take a peak :) These things are so cool, you can even take a peak at what the dogs are doing inside AND talk to them (if you wanted to-not that I would.....yea right of course I would. I talk to them on the phone even). They can do other cool things too and it even sends me e-mails.

Make sure you wave at me if you drive by..............can see you at night too :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The need to write

I am normally not the type to put my feelings to paper but tonight I can't rest comfortably, there are too many thoughts in my head.

I have 2 friends going thru very tough times right now and it is upsetting. One is a co-worker that I also went to high school with and another is a past co-worker. Both of these women have breast cancer and for one of them this is the 2nd time around -this time it is back with vengeance. Ever since my mother passed away I have built up walls to keep me safe and sound not allowing myself to get attached to anyone but recently I have opened myself up to these friends. Why? I don't have an answer other than I cannot bear to see them go thru this fight and not show them my support. I watched a parent die, I've been thru 2 types of Thyroid Cancer, surgery(s), radiation and survived 10 years but for one of these woman they too survived 10 years until receiving the devastating news of metastasis just a few months ago. I cannot imagine what this has done to them and their families, they are BOTH very strong, beautiful women and they are determined to fight like hell. Where does that drive come from? They have every right to be pissed off at the world yet they continue to be their fun, spirited selves. I am ashamed to think of the little things that piss me off, make me negative and allow me to keep my walls up.
Today I wear a little tiny pink ribbon on my collar to show everyone my support and my partner @ work - Kerri also wears one. Pink ribbons have become part of my closet. My old roomate walks for Breast Cancer..........this desease is devastating! Please be part of the cure, every little bit can help AND get your mammies grammed (it doesn't hurt-I get them)

I have acquaintances that have distanced themselves because I will not allow them to be close, if you really, really have taken the time to know me you would understand my defense mechanism. My partner @ work, I call her my "life partner" since we spend more waking time together than with our husbands and the fact that she would throw down her life to save me-she is the one person besides my husband that teaters on the top of my walls. Can you imagine working with someone in life or death situations on a daily basis and not let them totally into your world, sometimes it's more exhausting to keep the emotional wall up than to just give in and cry!
I cherish the friendships that I have and the people that have come into my circle of life. I will continue to grow and be a part of the support system my girls need. I am proud to be in the circle of these women!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Bloggie giveaway!!!

No not from me but my blogger girl Michelle over at Searching for Sophie. She has some cute little gifts for one lucky winner. Make sure you go visit and post a comment for her if you wnat to be entered to win.
I soooooo want that bracelet for my little is cute cute cute, why can't I be that talented? Pass this on, one of you (maybe even me) will be the lucky winner!
Don't 'cha just love goodies!!!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

LID 6.2.06

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We will miss him!

The clouds parted and the sun came out for a brief period of time for all of us to say goodbye to our Chief.
Yesterday our Fire Chief retired after 32 years with the department. How do you say goodbye to the Best Chief EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will be greatly missed by all of us here on SCFD & in Sarasota County.

On his last day as chief of the Sarasota County Fire Department, Brian Gorski gets a hug from Battalion Chief Matthew Flynn, during a surprise official send-off Tuesday afternoon. More than 100 local fire personnel, along with Gorski's family and the Sarasota County Fire Department Honor Guard, were on hand for the ceremony. Gorski's fire career began in Sarasota as a volunteer firefighter in 1976.