Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vacation time!!!

Bye for a few weeks....Gordon and I are leaving for a 16 day cruise Saturday am bright and early. We will be visiting Portugal, Spain and Italy (My favorite of course) My in-laws will be moving into our house to take care of Jasmin& Moose, there is no way our dogs will be boarded. Hopefully I won't gain the usual cruise 10 lbs (which I still haven't lost the 20 from our last 2 cruises) What the's not like I get to travel and enjoy a few weeks alone with my husband very often. Not too thrilled about the flight back from Spain but I guess it will be a mini trial run for whenever we go to China. Wow, after reading that it does sound like I am on speed...............ok so I am excited. Lots to still do and pack!!!!! How the hell are you supposed to pack for 3 formal nights, 3 countries and 16 days all with only 1 carry on and 1 checked bag each? I am NOT leaving my super cool black heels at home no matter what either.

See you on the flip side:)


Special K said...

That sounds like my dream vacation! I've never been overseas.... but it's on my bucket list to get there someday. LOL!

Have a fabulous time!

Jonni said...

COOL! Have fun and I hear you on the weight stuff. I gained 5 lbs. on a cruise I took in 2004 and still have yet to lose it...

Have fun and I want to see pics of those cool black heels.