Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our 1st day in Port

Port of Funchal, Maderia Protugal
Finally a day off the ship!!! Today was our first day in Port and what a beautiful place it was. We have uploaded a few pics and will share more when we return home. Yes, we are wearing jackets…it was 60 degrees F and got up to about 68.
Madeira is 35 miles in length and 14 miles wide with an elevation on 6,106 feet. Portuguese is the language but most everyone spoke English that we ran into. Funchal is the capital of Maderia. We used the Euro for the very first time J it takes $1.42 in US dollars to equal 1.00 Euro so we are not making out on the deal very well. Fortunately (unfortunately) today was a holiday and most of the shops were closed so we didn’t have to spend much while shopping. Got a few postcards but the post office was closed too.
Hope all is well !
Next port is Cadiz, Spain on Monday…..bye until then.

**Krista, I got your e-mail but Facebook is soooooo slow out here in the ocean...will drop you a line as soon as I get better internet.

Monday, April 20, 2009

On the high sea

Hello from somewhere between the United States and Europe. Today is our 2nd day at sea and it is much smoother sailing today, yesterday was rolling, rolling, rolling seas. I will try and post a few pics just top see how the internet speed is at sea.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vacation time!!!

Bye for a few weeks....Gordon and I are leaving for a 16 day cruise Saturday am bright and early. We will be visiting Portugal, Spain and Italy (My favorite of course) My in-laws will be moving into our house to take care of Jasmin& Moose, there is no way our dogs will be boarded. Hopefully I won't gain the usual cruise 10 lbs (which I still haven't lost the 20 from our last 2 cruises) What the's not like I get to travel and enjoy a few weeks alone with my husband very often. Not too thrilled about the flight back from Spain but I guess it will be a mini trial run for whenever we go to China. Wow, after reading that it does sound like I am on speed...............ok so I am excited. Lots to still do and pack!!!!! How the hell are you supposed to pack for 3 formal nights, 3 countries and 16 days all with only 1 carry on and 1 checked bag each? I am NOT leaving my super cool black heels at home no matter what either.

See you on the flip side:)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Smoke detector installation

Today we helped with smoke dector installation for one of the local homeowner's associations in our area. This can be a very boring day going from home to home checking our smoke dectors, fire extinguishers and surge protectors unless of course you have my partner with you and one of us always has a camera. Here are a few pics from today.....

Kerri kissing the windshield of Engine 7, with long wearing mean :)
Who needs a ladder???

Easily distracted.........................I found a puppy

Monday, April 06, 2009

Pug's got a referral !!!!!!!!!!!!!

EXCITING...................after all this time of waiting they got her referral. Please stop over at Pug Mama's and give her the congrats she deserves. Can you believe they waitied 1,126 days for this little child??? Na Fan Fu (she is called Fan Fan)
I am so happy for them.

Waiting with a mama

I am stalking Pug's blog to see her referral. Even I am anxious for her. Come on referral!!!!!!!!!!! How much can a girl take.

Spending a full day (7 hours so far) on the computer, glad we are slow at work today.

Thursday, April 02, 2009