Friday, January 23, 2009

New Peepers

Finally I have advanced to "Progressive lenses", do you know what these are? It is a fancy name for BIFOCALS, you just don't see any lines when you look at or thru them. Oh and since my prescription is so strong these babies cost me just about $500 buckaroos. Not that I wear my glassses very often but when I take out my contacts I need something to wear so I can find my way out of a room. Yep, that blind. So here is a pic of my new glasses....don't look to close at those sunspots and wrinkles either.


Pug Mama said...

ok, I know this post is about your glasses, but I had to say, I LOVE you hair - love the cut/style/color.
Very pretty.

Jonni said...

Looking great in those glasses.