Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I love my Peeps!

Thanks girls.......I knew you would support my breakdowns. We will all just keep holding each other together! LUV you ALL! Oh by the way, I called my social worker today and she advised that we would not have to fill out the 800a form and we could just re-do our I600a again (would have to pay of course).
My running joke with the social worker is that when we send in another piece of paper we should just attach a $100.00 dollar bill to it no matter what kind of paperwork it these people think we are made of money????? (People- I mean our government) HEY, Maybe IF I played a Paramedic on TV I would actually make the bucks but I actually do this job as my profession. We certinally are not in it for the money, you have to really love this job and I DO. Just would be nice to play the medic on some of these TV shows and get some cha ching$$ for playing....totally takes the stress of the job :) Wow, I am really letting it fly today....ok maybe tomorrow will be better.

Thanks girls!!


Jonni said...

I know, families who adopt are doing a good thing, yet it feels like you are being charged everytime you turn around. That's great news about the I-600A! I am so glad. We also got in on it before the change over. Hope you are feeling better today.

{BIG} hugs,

Shelley said...

Chin up Gina. I know its so hard.