Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1st & probably last

Yep, made my first dress for Mia................not going to do that again until she wears at least a size 4. I thought it would be you know just how hard it is to sew tiny pieces of material together just perfect??!! Oh and the zipper was a joy too. Anyway, I did it and here it is. FYI, now I know why there are no zippers on any of the dresses I have already purchased for her.

Also, it's not cost effective at all to make your own dresses, it took me a week to make this.


kris said...

wow it's so cute though!!

Tracy said...

I'm sure it was not easy - but it is adorable!

Linda said...

Cute dress. I think we sew out of love , and not cost... Years ago when I started sewing it was less expensive for fabric and patterns, now everything is so high... It is cheaper to buy, but it doesn't feel the same.. My daughter just got referral and says aren't you going to make Lauren some clothes? That will be sewing out of love... When you have your little one you will probably make her something and it will look beautiful on her...Following your journey with hope for a speed up.. Linda

Dannye said...

that is the did an amazing job!!

happy thanksgiving from our family to yours!!

Jonni said...

This is so adorable Gina! Great job and I know Mia is going to love it because you made it with love. Very nice job and I love the matching hat as well. Wish I had your talent. :)