Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

Here are a few photos of our day.......we totally stuffed ourselves with all the fix'ins and desserts. I have decided that our dining room is way too small for holidays, our next house will have to be much larger as I do like to host the parties and dinners with family and friends. Our kitchen works just not the dining room.

Look close, Zack is feeding Jasmin at the end of the table
Tyler, thought he liked pumpkin pie then realized otherwise

Dave, Joan & Denise

Gordon on bird #2, he did 4 turkeys!

Moose knows just where to get some food
My small dining room
My father-in-law Dave doing the carving
Gordon checking the temp

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1st & probably last

Yep, made my first dress for Mia................not going to do that again until she wears at least a size 4. I thought it would be you know just how hard it is to sew tiny pieces of material together just perfect??!! Oh and the zipper was a joy too. Anyway, I did it and here it is. FYI, now I know why there are no zippers on any of the dresses I have already purchased for her.

Also, it's not cost effective at all to make your own dresses, it took me a week to make this.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Gordon had his first surgery ever this past Monday and is home recovering for the next 2 weeks. He had a Tonsillectomy and 1/2 of his Uvula(the thingy that hangs down in the back of the throat) removed. This was an elective surgery, he does not get infections but he had "tonsil stones" that were uncomfortable for him. The MD told him that a Tonsillectomy for an adult is one of the top 5 worst surgeries to recover from. Go figure and he had to pick this kind of surgery for his first. He is doing well but the 3rd day is when all of the nerves wake back up and it should start to become painful for him, we are on day 2 now. Hopefully he will not have a lot of pain but we are keeping the drugs on board 'round the clock just in case. Here are a few pics....the last one is post op...kinda blurry and gross for you non-medical folks ...just giving you the heads up if you get queasy easily.

My friend Barb works in the OR and came in on her day off to circulate the room for Gordon, what a great friend she is! Gordon and I both worked in surgery and most of the old'timers are still there so everyone was stopping in to see Gordon & wish him well.
In Pre-opWith BarbBeforeAfter

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another month down

Apparently I missed a few months in the count down, now we are back up to speed. Can you believe it has been 29 months? Wonder how many more.