Thursday, October 09, 2008

28 months, a birthday and a new baby...

Well, here we are-another month has passed us by as we wait for our Mia. This post is a few days late but on the 2nd of October we passed the 28th month of waiting since out LID. We have no real idea as to when we will get our referral, still in it for the long haul BUT before my next birthday would be nice!!!!!

Today I turned 45, yikes.....I actually am 45, don't know how I got here either. Just a few years ago I was 20 and living the crazy, single life now look at me....married, settled down and waiting for our adoption referral-who would have ever imagined this. Even thought we have been waiting for 28 months it seems like just a few months ago we started the process. YES, it has been a long time but seriously it has gone by fast.

Also today our friend/co-worker Jae, his wife Jennifer and their new adorable little boy Jackson came down to our station for a visit. Over the past month Kerri & I have been working on a baby quilt for Jae's new son and today we gave it to him. Below are a few pictures of the day. If you are interested in the quilt process stop on over at my "quilt blog" to see a few more pictures.

Hope all of my blogger buddies are doing well, I do check in on you all from time to time.
Yes, that is Publix cake I am about to demolish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jae, checking out the embroidery on the baby quiltJae, Jennifer & JacksonJae, I am burning a disc for you with all of the pics we took today.....will interoffice it your way. :)


Jonni said...

Happy 45th birthday my dear friend. You don't look a day over 25! What a fun day and I know you loved your PUBLIX cake. You deserve the best birthday ever. I have a feeling Mia is going to home before the next b-day. I just know it. You are almost in the home stretch now. You are 28 months down, now that's something to celebrate as well. Love the photos of Jae and his wife Jennifer. They look like such a cute couple and i know that they loved the quilt from you and Kerri. That was so nice of you two to do that. Wow, Jae is a cutie!


Jill said...

Found you through Jonni, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! Hopes and hugs for a speedy referral!

Shelley said...

Happy birthday Gina. Glad to know you're still going strong and that you check in.

Hopefully the time will continue to fly between now and your referral.


Tracy and Bob said...

Happy Birthday Gina, you look great!!! I know this process is hard but you are handling it with grace!!

Keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed that baby Mia is home real soon!


Nina said...

Happy Belated birthday!! You look great for any age. And from what I hear, 45 is the new 25 :)

Lorraine said...

Happy Belated Birthday from Uncle Steve and Aunt Raine. Miss You guys... We have just returned from CO. Went to babysit for Emmy's kids. They went to Mexico for 10 year ann. We are hoping the market picks up in the rental estate end so we can come south in the spring for some warm weather. Keep your chin up that baby will be home before you know it.