Friday, September 19, 2008

Hospital Board

This is my blog so I can give a little rant one in a's my rant!

Times are getting tough here in Sarasota. Just recently the CEO got a 7% hike in pay to $574,000. plus perks then had the audacity to layoff 31 employees. How does someone convince the hospital board to give them a raise when you are sending staff home? As a former employee of this hospital I can tell you that the moral has declined at a rapid pace since the arrival of the CEO Gwen McKenzie. Retirement plans have been taken away, medical benefits cut and folks are being asked to "flex out" if their department is slow a day. This is Sarasota for Pete's sake......One of the weathiest zip codes in the US (we are in the top 100)......SMH is the largest local hospital around, you can't tell me it's too slow that they must send staff home.

I am posting this flyer for Teresa Carafelli in the hopes that you will vote for her (if you are local). The hospital board needs someone like Teresa on the board to help with the decision making. I worked with Teresa for many years in the Operating Room and can tell you that she will stand behind her word & not take this postion lightly, she is for the working people of SMH.

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Jonni said...

My vote if for Teresa. Too bad my vote doesn't count from here though. I hope she gets elected.