Monday, September 22, 2008

A 911 "Special visitor"

On September 11th we had a few very special visitors at our firehouse...below meet Shepherd, Hadley and a few of their friends. A local church here in Sarasota delivered cookies to all of the fire stations in rememberence of 911. While they were visiting our station I heard a little squeeking sound as one of the children walked around and it finally hit me (like Whamo-wake up!!!)that one of the little boys was from China. (Anyway I just blurted out Squeeky shoes and she gave me all I needed to get a conversation going :) Shepherd's mom and I got all wrapped up in chatting about adoptions and our forever wait while Kerri took the rest of the children outside to tour the rescue. Here is a short video from that visit. They are all so adorable and not the least bit afraid of our big red ambulance. I will be visiting her blog tonight and watching their Got'cha video. Ahhhhhhhhhhh....I got my baby fix :) I can't wait to be a mommy.
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