Saturday, September 27, 2008

Landrover Off Road event 9.27.08

The above video is our day at Landrover, they had an off road event at the local dealer. The last video clip is Gordon driving thru the course. Notice they are using vehicles from the dealer BUT you could also drive your own Landrover if you signed a waiver-yea, Gordon didn't take his baby thru, just used theirs. Below is me in the passenger seat trying to take some video of the course....wasn't easy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A 911 "Special visitor"

On September 11th we had a few very special visitors at our firehouse...below meet Shepherd, Hadley and a few of their friends. A local church here in Sarasota delivered cookies to all of the fire stations in rememberence of 911. While they were visiting our station I heard a little squeeking sound as one of the children walked around and it finally hit me (like Whamo-wake up!!!)that one of the little boys was from China. (Anyway I just blurted out Squeeky shoes and she gave me all I needed to get a conversation going :) Shepherd's mom and I got all wrapped up in chatting about adoptions and our forever wait while Kerri took the rest of the children outside to tour the rescue. Here is a short video from that visit. They are all so adorable and not the least bit afraid of our big red ambulance. I will be visiting her blog tonight and watching their Got'cha video. Ahhhhhhhhhhh....I got my baby fix :) I can't wait to be a mommy.
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Hospital Board

This is my blog so I can give a little rant one in a's my rant!

Times are getting tough here in Sarasota. Just recently the CEO got a 7% hike in pay to $574,000. plus perks then had the audacity to layoff 31 employees. How does someone convince the hospital board to give them a raise when you are sending staff home? As a former employee of this hospital I can tell you that the moral has declined at a rapid pace since the arrival of the CEO Gwen McKenzie. Retirement plans have been taken away, medical benefits cut and folks are being asked to "flex out" if their department is slow a day. This is Sarasota for Pete's sake......One of the weathiest zip codes in the US (we are in the top 100)......SMH is the largest local hospital around, you can't tell me it's too slow that they must send staff home.

I am posting this flyer for Teresa Carafelli in the hopes that you will vote for her (if you are local). The hospital board needs someone like Teresa on the board to help with the decision making. I worked with Teresa for many years in the Operating Room and can tell you that she will stand behind her word & not take this postion lightly, she is for the working people of SMH.

Monday, September 15, 2008

House cleaning

Yes, Gordon purchased a Roomba Scuba and Roomba we don't have to clean the floors anymore. Lazy? How about good time management. We manage our time so well now, we both follow this thing around just to watch it work! :)

9.16.08 UPDATE......I totally love this thing! My floors are super clean and I have time to sit here and finally blog. We highly recommend spending the $ to get these, of course they are still new....I will let you know how they do during the 30 day time period (before we would have to return them for a full refund) When we walk in the door all you do is turn them on and they do the rest. How cool is that!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Here we go again!

Ike............yikes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone interested in moving to Florida right now?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Returning home

Joy & Gordon
This morning Joy and her family traveled back to louisiana. As of this moment it is not known how their home did in the storm BUT it did take a left turn away from being a direct hit to their town. The unfortunate thing is that they are close to the water and that's the problem they had 3 years ago with Katrina.

Joy called around 2pm today and they were still on the road, she will call when they arrive home this evening. We joked about the next few storms that are out there but seriously I can't believe all of the hurricane activity this year, we have been very fortunate at our house and hopefully will continue to duck & weave from the storms.

Also today is the 27th month since LID...nothing exciting to say anymore, it's just another month down. Sure wish I had better news to report but they are just now matching the beginning of February 2006.