Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane activity


Here goes another storm right into Slidell, LA where Gordon's sister her husband Don, Joy, David & Lauren live. This evening Joy called us to say there is a mandatory evacuation and they will be on their way down here tonight (it is 10:30 pm here now). Atleast there is time to get moving, last time Gordon & his dad drove up to the Panhandle 1 day prior to Katrina to meet them and help drive the cars/kids back here.

So, tonight will be a night of little sleep as we wait for the family to arrive safely.

What about Hanna? Here is the chart for that storm


Sure looks like the same projected path.
By the middle of next week we should know better Hanna's plan. Rememeber Faye? Well we took pt's to shelters on Monday and returned them home on Tuesday when it cleared, guess next week we will be doing the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully not. If so only the nice ones :) Tell Joy hello :)

Shelley said...

Stay safe guys.