Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Adoption update

Hello family and friends. Last night we spoke with our Social Worker who informed us that our wait could still be another 20 months away from receiving a referal for Mia.
Let me explain this...right now it is taking China approx 4 months to refer out 1 months worth of LIDs (that is log in dates) The last LID date to be referred was January 25, 2006.....we are the date of LID June 2, 2006. That is roughly 4.75 months away from the current referral date sooooooooooo lets just make it 5 for easy math....5 months until our LID x the 4 months it takes to process 1 month =20 months.
OK so why so long? you ask...... there are many, many, many people that have their paperwork in China awaiting a little child. 30 days a month of LID's does not mean 30 people it could mean literally thousands of people are being processed. How many thousands we don' t know. I will tell you that the waiting list for a NSN (Non special needs child) has been getting shorter as many people decide to either change to a SN list (special needs child) or just stop their adoption all together.

With all of that said, YES we are still on our path to adopt Mia....nothing is going to make us change our minds. I hope this explains the wait a little easier for all of our friends and family.


amy said...

We are hanging in there as well. Great explanation!

Christine said...

Hi Gina,

I hope and pray that there is a speed up for us. 20 months...WOW! Well we too are going to wait this out. We have come this far and somewhere in China our babies await us. Think positive thoughts


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

I have my fingers crossed that things speed up. I am hoping and praying that sweet baby girl Mia is home sooner than later.


Ed and Lisa said...

Wow... reading this post brought back many memories. When we were waiting, 13 months seemed like an insane amount of time...well, forever really. I can't begin to even comprehend the current wait times. Hang in there. I promise you, this part will all be a blur once Mia is placed in your arms! :)


Debz said...

Very well explained!

I need a copy of this to put by my desk at work!