Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No more fishey!

Yes, Fishey went to the big swimming hole in the sky this past weekend. Not only was he blind but pretty old apparently. I guess in Betta years 3 years in a home is a long time ? Hell I don't know but that is about how long we have had him. I will miss fishey as he used to greet me every morning in the kitchen just-a-swimming along waiting for is morning feeding. For some reason I have this need to care for everything so I need to stay away from PetSmart for a few weeks or I will end up with Fishey II. Bye Bye Fishey.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2 Years LID

Yes, a little late but what's the hurry anymore....we have made it to 2 years of waiting as of June 2. OMG ! I sure hope this is the last leg of the wait.

Sorry, the blog is a little boring lately, have been very busy with the Great Dane rescue and moving into our new station. You just don't move in to a new fire station you start from the ground up....stocking an empty rescue to ordering supplies for EMS and the station, purchasing utensils, pots & pans, the list just goes on and on. We have only had 2 runs so far but only really started last Wednesday as our full day. Things will pick up once the general public realize we are stationed up by the interstate and located on the grounds of a future shopping mall....the largest one in Florida. Think I am going to get a lap top so I can once again work on this blog and photoshop during the downtime we are currently having but once SEASON hits there will once again be no time to blog.
I'm thinking a Mac since I do a lot of graphics...any thoughts one way or the other? I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Hope everyone is still checking in on me from time to time as I try to make the rounds a few times a month to visit by blogger buddies.