Sunday, March 02, 2008

Search engine

If you haven't visited in a while you will find a "Good Search" banner on my site now. I was recently turned on to this search engine and it will give .01 cent for every search you do.
The .01 (if you use this link) will go to the SWGDR "Southwest Great Dane Rescue" that I am on the board for. It doesn't cost the user a thing and all you have to do is use it just like you would any other search engine like Google or Yahoo. I'm not taking anything away from Google as it is my favorite search engine but every now and then I use the GoodSearch to get some money going towards the rescue. Since I am the one that signed our rescue up with this search engine I cannot use it exclusively as my search engine.
Please stop by and do a search from my GoodSearch bar if you get a chance OR everytime you visit my site...send some change our way :)
And for all of my pet friendly friends....if you are a 501(c)3 then you can do the same for your organization too.

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