Sunday, March 30, 2008


Yes, she (Jasmin)is sitting right in the center of the flower bed. She likes to be right in the middle of everything and we were planting some flowers right there so of course she wanted to be included in the fun.
Jasmin is our 7 y/o female Great Dane.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bad Blogger

Yep, that's me....I certainly haven't put much into this blog of late. I guess with the never ending wait I lost a bit of interest. What am I going to tell that you haven't already heard? Anyway....I have been occupying my time with the Great Dane rescue and boy am I glad I have something else to focus on. On my end, work is good...Kerri and I have been moved to a temporary station while we wait for our new station to be constructed. The station we are at now is VERY busy and we spend most of our time on the more time for quilting and baking these days. Can I tell you something??? Folks....if you have the flu and have been home sick for a few days PLEASE drive yourself to the doctor DON'T call 911 as you probably are not dying! It is peak flu season and some people just don't understand the concept of an emergency. Just remember if you call an ambulance for your flu, the neighbor that is actually having a heart attack will have to wait just a bit longer for the next closest ambulance to come to their house because we (the closest rescue) are transporting you to the ER. Not trying to be negative here just a little public education if you will. OK my rant is over.
I will have to update my recipe blog over the week as I have been a baking fool. Whenever I am stressed I bake and this wait makes me stressed! My partner, Kerri - her husband has this killer "quickie cheese cake" recipe that I tried and it definately is blog worthy. We will call it a donish as it tastes like a cheese danish and the guys at work coined that phrase for "fluffy good stuff" that is bad bad bad for you. Anything that the fat grams outweigh the protein content must be good!
Will try and do better at posting.....still want to keep all of your attention, I miss my comments. :) Off to post a recipe now......don't forget to go look.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Search engine

If you haven't visited in a while you will find a "Good Search" banner on my site now. I was recently turned on to this search engine and it will give .01 cent for every search you do.
The .01 (if you use this link) will go to the SWGDR "Southwest Great Dane Rescue" that I am on the board for. It doesn't cost the user a thing and all you have to do is use it just like you would any other search engine like Google or Yahoo. I'm not taking anything away from Google as it is my favorite search engine but every now and then I use the GoodSearch to get some money going towards the rescue. Since I am the one that signed our rescue up with this search engine I cannot use it exclusively as my search engine.
Please stop by and do a search from my GoodSearch bar if you get a chance OR everytime you visit my site...send some change our way :)
And for all of my pet friendly friends....if you are a 501(c)3 then you can do the same for your organization too.

2 cute videos from our trip

Still counting

This is becoming just another month...BUT we are still here and counting!
LID 6/2/2006