Wednesday, January 09, 2008


What am I supposed to feel about this little tidbit of information? Will let you know after I hear from our agency. (Update,see below) Info from Rumor Queen's site
**Spoke w/our agency....
Our agency says they are on the computer system with the CCAA and are just trying to figure out a plan as how to get the information out to us whether on their own website or in e-mails. Also, if they continue to refer at this going rate then it doesn't look good for a referral in 2008. FYI we are LID of 6/02/2006. OH and that the CCAA does not shut down or stop referring just because of the Olympics the only metion was about the slow up in transportation because of the Olympics.
***I just love my social worker so I can only say that I trust her with whatever they decide and I know she will keep us posted. I'm the PIA because when I read or hear something about rumors I send her an e-mail...and she always replies pronto.


Lili & Robin said...

yes, that is the question: What do we make of the tidbit? Do share what your agency says. I am ignoring it for now. I see my case manager on Sat - at an IA conference my agency is hosting, I will fire the questions at her there. -Lili

Michelle said...

WTF? sums it up perfectly. Do you ever feel like you are running up a steep hill, but the faster you run the steeper the hill gets and the top of the mountain is never in sight? Yeah. Me too. Sigh.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

The CCAA provides so little info. and now they cut this off too??? GEEZ!


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Stop by my blog when you get a chance. I nominated you for an award.


bbmomof2boys said...

This wouldn't be a big problem if ALL agencies shared information truthfully with their clients! And not referral in 2008? Nice...lets just write off this year completely. I want to be Sleeping Beauty and have my prince wake me up when we get our referral!!

It will happen!!! who knows when...but it will!!


Pug Mama said...

we just have to try stay positive.

Christine said...

I'm so sorry. Adoption can be so frustrating. God Bless.

Franceskasjourneyhome said...

I think your quilt is just gorgeous, I am saving that for my last project to do. You know what I mean, how we save projects to pass the time????? Since it is a big one, it's the last one. I have a question...Is cafepress your business? I love going on there and hitting chinese adoption on the search engine, I have bought alot of things already, I love it, it's link is on my blog. Anyway I was just stopping by and thought that I would say hi!!!! Have a great weekend. Love, Kristy

Franceskasjourneyhome said...

I would love for you to put my blog address on your list if you'd like??