Tuesday, September 18, 2007

MISSING Great Dane - Georgia area

Keep your eyes and ears open please - in case someone says they have a young brindle female that needs transport or looking for a new home....
Missing from the Fairmount Georgia area......
6 month old light brindle Great Dane approx 80 lbs. This is a female with cropped ears.... very friendly.(No microchip and didn't have a collar on) I am posting for a
friend.....please email me with any information that will bring her home!!! REWARD!!!!!
I am on the Board of our local Great Dane rescue & these gentle babies are so special in our lives that it just breaks my heart to know someone has lost one.
If you hear anything about this missing brindle, please let me know.


Lili & Robin said...

I will say a prayer that she gets found soon!! Keep us posted.



Shelley said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry. I hope she gets home soon!!!

Jeter Mama said...

I just hate reading this.
going to look up how far Fairmount Georgia is from me.

Jeter Mama said...

just looked it up. Your friend lives almost 2 hours from me...but you never know...will keep my eyes open.