Saturday, September 22, 2007

A GREAT cause!

I have added this clickable link to my sidebar and everyday I will be clicking on it. Just one click helps to provide a bowl of food for dogs in rescue. How can I not help, you all know how I feel about my dogs.
If you frequent my blog PLEASE click on the paw (in the right sidebar-or below in this post) on every visit.

The Animal Rescue Site


Kim and John said...

Hi, I was visiting another blog and popped in to visit yours. I think its great you have the Animal Rescue site on your blog. I did click and read the link. I also love dogs and donate to the rescue that our pup came from along with others! Its nice to know others care for animals too!

Carol said...

I clicked! We can't have a dog, but we have 2 cats! Both were rescues from the local shelter.