Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Babies !!!!!!!

The following blogs have pictures!

Our Journey to Alice

A Mothers Joyful Heart

Rocking Chairs and a Tricycle

Our Sweet Melissa

A Day in the Life

A Red Thread to China

Okie Angel

Journey to Sarah

Chasing Kayla

Journey to Lily Ann

Pelton Adoption

Journey to Mya

Our Whole World in His Hands


Meet the Hintons

Kenli’s Korner

The following blogs are expecting their referral in this batch:

Journey to Parenthood

Pension Cheques and Preschoolers

Long Awaited Rose

The following blogs have music and are not work safe:


*The above was taken from Rumor Queen.


Lili & Robin said...

do you spend as much time as me staring at these cute referral pictures!?!? Thank goodness for is encouraging to see that dreams really do come true.


amy said...

Dont you love them. Someone posted they were a referred a boy..How awesome!