Monday, August 20, 2007

Gifts from the Orient

Well....sort of
Today my father-in-law had an appointment to discuss some granite countertops and long story short....the lady of the house was from China and she sent this little tidbit with him so of course he brought it over for us to enjoy. It is a small pineapple cake from China and we shared it between 4 of us just to have a taste. It was good, Gordon describes it as a kind-of fig newton cookie. Anyway we enjoyed it maybe because of the flavor or maybe because it came from China and we cherrish any part of that country we can get right now.

Thank you to the Moon Family for sharing this with us, you don't know how much this little cake ment to us.

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Lili & Robin said...

yummmmm..sounds delish.. and it has fruit, so it is healthy, right??!! :)