Friday, July 06, 2007

July Babies !!!!!!!

The following blogs have pictures:
The following blogs have pictures:
Meimei Maia
Getting our Girls
The Quest for Cadence
Sara Eaker baby’s name = Sara Eaker password = ladybug

The following blogs have their referral but no picture yet:
Baby Krupek
Eleanor Keener baby’s name = Eleanor Keener
The Three Whos
Baby Girl Olivia
Waiting for you
Our Journey to Mei Mei
Gracie Sweet Name: Gracie Sweet

The following blogs are expecting referrals in this batch:
Journey to Eliana Grace
Welcome home, little one

The above information is taken from Rumor Queen


amy said...

Ive checked most of them out..I love referral time..Gives me hope!

Jonni & John said...

It's so wonderful to see babies matched with their forever familes.