Saturday, June 16, 2007


One Hundred Good Wishes I ready to do this? I'm considering it.
Since the wait was ONLY 12-14 months when I started this process I didn't think I wanted to take on the quilt and get baby Mia's room ready for the arrival...BUT since the wait is looking like 8-12 MORE months I need something to do!!!!! Have you taken a look at her closet? Too full and I can't keep shopping for her until she actually comes home. Room is done.
So, I'm asking all my blogger it too late to start collecting for a quilt? Is there anyone still collecting and swapping?
This is all your fault Jonni, I wasn't the least bit interested UNTIL I sent you a square - then I got excited after seeing all the cute pieces you have already gotten :)


Dannye said...

i don't need any more quilt squares, but I have plenty of left over material and would be happy to send you a square if you'd like, just email me and let me know!!

kris said...

It's NEVER too late- do it! Most people don't even have theirs finished (sewing) until after the kiddos come HOME- so you definitely should do it!

Marjorie said...

It's definitely not too late to start collecting. There is a yahoo group that's focus is on collecting fabric and wishes. That could get you up to 100 pretty quickly. I'm always up for swapping as well! Let me know!!
(adopting diana; 5/10/06)

amy said...

Never too late...Email me at when you are ready. There is a link to our quilt on our blog..Have a blessed day..Love the post below

Jonni & John said...

I was just getting caught up on my blogs and saw that you are doing a OHGWQ! I am so excited! I have a couple squares I would LOVE to send. How exciting!