Friday, May 18, 2007

Party Time!

Joy is graduating today, can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday she was sitting on my stairs when we were building our house, going over her spelling words. Now she is done, finished...all grown up. Boy I sure feel old!
Who is going to call me on Friday nights now and ask "where are we going for dinner?" Congratulations Joy!

Tonight there will be a party for her and all of her friends and family after graduation, many opportunities for pictures!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Joy!! I know "little" Michael will miss seeing you at school. Best of luck to you!

kris said...

Congratulations Joy!

Jonni & John said...

Awww, honey, don't worry, she will still be calling you asking where you guys should go for dinner. Congratulations Joy and here's to many more good times in the future.

P.S. I tagged you, come over to my blog.