Sunday, May 06, 2007

Closet update

OK girls....time to get your pictures uploaded of the closet. Here's Mia's closet and I am asking a few of you to post yours then send your request along to your blogger pals. Can't wait to see what everyone has been up to and just how much we have already purchased for our little girls.

Stephe -'cause I just LOVE checking out everything you buy!


Dannye said...

Okay, I accept your "challenge", but don't be expecting much...the closet is the one thing I haven't really figured out yet, and I don't have lots of clothes for her yet!!!

Jonni said...

OMG gosh Gina-girl, Mia's closet is so uber-organized!!!! I am headed out, but I will put up pics later of Sofia's closet and her stuff because I have yet to organize her closet (that room is my office until we convert it). But I will definitely take some pics later today. Glad you liked the goodies.


Jonni said...

BTW, Love the Got Drool sticker.


T & R McGrath said...

OMG Gina, I can't beleive how much stuff you have! I have some things but honestly haven't let myself by a lot of things.

I will take pictures of what I do have and post them!!!!

Baby Mia is one lucky little girl!


nikki said...

That is one fabulous closet!
Mia is going to be the best dressed gal in town...also love the little Sonya Lee doll -- Lily sleeps with hers every nite!

Nesha said...

I'm so jealous. Our closet for Baby M, well, it's empty...sad, isn't it?? I do have some clothes, but I can't bear to hang them up right now not knowing whem she'll get to wear them. Seeing Mia's closet, however, gives me hope!! And makes me smile. Maybe
I should start my own baby clothes closet after all!!

Stephe said...

Love the closet!!!

I sorta accepted your challenge...

Can't wait to see the others that accepted! :) Cool. Thanks. Stephe