Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great Dane Update!!

Moose has been with us since Friday & we are having fun with him. This big boy was so shy when we first saw him at the beginning of last week but now...boy oh boy....he even knows the sound of Gordon's car & when he hears it pulling into the garage he goes running to the door barking and howling (in which Jasmin follows up with her crying & carrying on) waiting for Gordon to open it.
What a difference a few days of attention can make in a dog's world. Moose apparently hadn't walked much if at all outside, the bottom of his paws looked and felt as soft as a new born puppy's feet. Going on walks took a few days for him to get used to, he still is very light on his feet but they are starting to get tougher (no we do not walk him on the hot pavement either). Moose has his very own orthopaedic bed, blankie and a huge rope toy for tug-of-war, which he loves to do. Jasmin took a big step yesterday and stole his blankie right out from under him, and he just let her do it. It looks as if Jasmin is getting back to her normal self...she now will bark when someone (who she doesn't recognize)walks in front of house but she will still hold back and now let Moose take over gaurding the front door, she stays just behind him where it's safe. Yesterday was the big test, Moose & Jasmin were left in the house by themselves for 6.5 hours and they both did fine...nothing was chewed up! Here are a few pics of the weekend...both of the dogs rode in the back of our SUV for Easter Sunday and they did just perfect together....even with children hanging all over them once we arrived.


Stacy said...

He's beautiful!

I can't believe his pads were like puppy pads, poor guy. I am sure he LOVES his new home!

Dannye said...

I am soooo excited for you guys...Moose sounds fabulous!!! And I am soooo glad that Jasmin has accepted him and is getting along with him....thanks for updating us and keep us posted!!!

T & R McGrath said...

That's great Gina! I am so happy to hear that Jasmine has accepted him into the family!

I guess he's a keeper!!!


Jonni said...

Gina, That's wonderful news. Could that picture of Jsmin and Moose be any cuter? It sounds like Moose is already part of the family.