Monday, March 12, 2007


One hour before our appointment for Dane this morning our vet called. Dane has tested positive for a bacterial infection called Leptospirosis and it is possible this is what he is suffering from. Yes he still only has 1 working Kidney so hepefully we are not too late. The treatment is IV antibiotics and we are currently waiting for the vet to call us back again (she had to find this antibiotic). We know this is a miracle but we are ever so hopefull that it will work for him. We will keep you all posted.
Please pass this information along as Leptospirosis has many strains and our routine vaccinations may not protect our pets from this. We do not let our dogs go to the dog park, nor are they around any farm animals. The only possible way we believe he got this from is either squirrel or duck droppings that may lay in the yard.


T & R McGrath said...

Gina, I pray this is the mircle that you need!!! Please keep us updated on his condition!!!


Donna said...

Great news! Sending positive thoughts Dane's way!