Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New lamp

Here is the lamp I just finished making for Mia's room. Not too bad I must say it only cost me a total of $25.00 to make. It's made from a fitted sheet that I cut apart and a feather boa I bought on E-bay-don't you just love E-bay!
Can you believe some of the prices they are getting for children's lamps out there?


Ed and Lisa said...

Oh I'm with you! You can do practically anything for a fraction of the cost if you have the know how. I have reduced myself to browsing craft fairs to figure out how to do what they do and then doing it! :) Nice lamp! Very pretty room too!

Lisa :)
Loving Gracie

nikki said...

Good job on the lamp...it is fit for a princess.
I LOVE the elephant, too!

Jonni said...

Gina, The lamp is so cute! You know, it may even be a great money-making hobby on the side. It looks awesome and so does Mia's room.