Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Gordon has taken this week off & is spending time with Jasmin. Today while she sat on the bed and watched, Gordon worked on the mural once again. The tree looks awesome and it really finished off the room nicely. All we need now is the rest of the pieces to the new bedding set.......should be here next week. I'm working on a lamp since I couldn't find one I liked so decided to make my own, give me a few weeks to finish up then I will post it. The closet is full, mural just about done and bedding soon to arrive....what will we do when this room is all done?


Jonni said...


Gordon is so crafty! Mia's room is really looking great! I can't wait to see more.


Stacy said...

The mural is WONDERFUL!!

If Gordon get bored and wants to come to Kentucky I have some blank walls that I need help with. :)

Roy and Lori said...

Just wanted to say hello!
We really enjoyed reading
your blog!

Take Care,
Roy and Lori