Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Recipes

There are a few new recipes posted on our recipe site, don't forget to check in now and then.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New lamp

Here is the lamp I just finished making for Mia's room. Not too bad I must say it only cost me a total of $25.00 to make. It's made from a fitted sheet that I cut apart and a feather boa I bought on E-bay-don't you just love E-bay!
Can you believe some of the prices they are getting for children's lamps out there?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Full picture

OK, here is the final picture of the's all done. Like the little Cardinal Gordon did for me? My mother loved Cardinals so we really wanted Mia's room to have one looking out for her. Still waiting on the new bedding.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Gordon has taken this week off & is spending time with Jasmin. Today while she sat on the bed and watched, Gordon worked on the mural once again. The tree looks awesome and it really finished off the room nicely. All we need now is the rest of the pieces to the new bedding set.......should be here next week. I'm working on a lamp since I couldn't find one I liked so decided to make my own, give me a few weeks to finish up then I will post it. The closet is full, mural just about done and bedding soon to arrive....what will we do when this room is all done?

Finally.......our new rescue!

Yes, we have finally taken posession of our new rescue. It has been 1 year in the waiting and we certinally appreciate having this new set of wheels to run calls with. Pretty nice huh!

Kerri & I spent most of the day driving this beast around to get used to it.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dog Food Recall-IMPORTANT!

Yesterday we found out there was a major dog food recall because it is causing severe Kidney failure and death in dogs. Today we are questioning if our dog food actually contributed to Danes short life. Over the pat few months we have given them a few of the re-called pouch foods as a treat. Here is a link from our local newspaper and a link to find out which foods are being recalled. We have been trying to make contact with the company but the phone lines have been busy all yesterday and today. This feels like a knife to the heart, you try and give your animals the very best preservatives, no by-products and this is what is happening? Other than trying to give Jasmina a Raw food diet again I have switched her back to Innova dog food....all natural and fresh ingredients. Here a re a few links for you to read. Please check out the recalls, I don't want you to have to go thru anything like Kidney failure w/your pets. Even though Dane tested positive for a bacteria (Leptospirosis)we question...did it come from his food? My heart goes out to the thousands of people that are watching their pets have problems.

Newspaper article
Recalled foods
Innova foods

Dane's vet is out of town until this Wednesday but when she returns we will talk to her about this. In the meantime I will continue to try and contact the Menu Foods company.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doggie Heaven

Dane lost his battle with Leptosporosis this evening.
We put him to sleep at 4:30 this evening, he was starting to show signs of exhaustion and didn't want to eat or drink today, it was even too much for him to walk outside and he loves the outside.
I spent the day sitting with him outside on the grass watching the ducks as he loves to do that but today he didn't even care if the ducks came close to if you know Dane you know that he is always on Duck patrol and they don't get close.
This was the humane thing for us to do and we know this was the right choice for Dane.
I almost feel as if he kept on keeping on because of us and the love we have for him.
Tonight we are focusing on Jasmin as she has never known her life not to have Dane in it. When we got home from the vet she looked around for Dane for a while. I don't know how long it will take for her to realize that he is not coming back and that just breaks my heart that she is missing him already. Jasmin is currently taking meds to keep her from becoming ill from this bacteria.
I will miss my Dane terribly but it was what we had to do for him.
Please read about this life threatening disease, (click on either of the links)I was amazed vets do not vaccinate unless you asked for this.
We are still trying to figure out the source of Danes infection as he does not play in the mud, eat dirt or drink out of puddles but there is a lot of wildlife in our neighborhood. We can only suspect he might have picked this up from another pet that might have left it on the grass, Dane walks on the grass and at some point licks his feet. If he had 2 functioning kidneys from birth then maybe he could have held on longer but since he only has 1 and the other was compromised he gave it his best shot and we love him for that.

Thanks for all the support through this.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Holding his own

We have finished 1 day of meds and Dane is actaully starting to eat and drink again. Yesterday he was even trying to play with his BIG sister Jasmin. We are praying for him but again we don't know how much damage has been done so far. Hopefully he will continue to improve.
Will keep you all posted.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Antibiotics have been started

We finally got the medications for Dane and Jasmin.
The vet is going to give Dane 2 days of IV antibiotics to see if he improves then we will decide what to do next. Jasmin has been placed on oral antibiotics because she is exposed just by being with Dane. Will give you the updates as we have them.


One hour before our appointment for Dane this morning our vet called. Dane has tested positive for a bacterial infection called Leptospirosis and it is possible this is what he is suffering from. Yes he still only has 1 working Kidney so hepefully we are not too late. The treatment is IV antibiotics and we are currently waiting for the vet to call us back again (she had to find this antibiotic). We know this is a miracle but we are ever so hopefull that it will work for him. We will keep you all posted.
Please pass this information along as Leptospirosis has many strains and our routine vaccinations may not protect our pets from this. We do not let our dogs go to the dog park, nor are they around any farm animals. The only possible way we believe he got this from is either squirrel or duck droppings that may lay in the yard.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Goodbye to our best friend

It is with a very heavy heart that I blog this tonight.

Tomorrow we are having to put Dane to sleep because of Kidney failure. He is only 6.5 years old. We went for his yearly shots last weekend & asked the vet to draw some lab work because he has lost about 10 lbs over the course of 4 months. He still looks good and up until the last 3 days he has felt pretty good too. Friday we took him to an Oncologist because the majority of his blood work came back elevated, the results from the Oncologist is that Dane only has 1 kidney and he was probably born like that, the other kidney has done all the work for him over the last 6 years and has finally given out. The short term resolve is to put him on a strict low protein diet and make sure he drinks lots of water. Until yesterday none of the above was a problem, now he doesn't want to eat or drink we have had to run 2 IV's of fluid on him at home just to make him feel better. Both Gordon & I will not let him suffer and he is entering that stage tonight as I write this. Thank you for all the encouraging words from our friends & family, he will be greatly missed.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another month down!

Hoping we don't have to count another 9 months!