Monday, February 26, 2007

Out to dinner

I forgot to tell you this....Friday night we went to dinner with our friends Steve & Denise as we usually make this our friday night date, something strange happened. There is a resturant here called Steak and Ale, it's a pretty decent steak joint and the food has always been good. Well I ordered the Prime Rib and you know it always comes with the Au jus...well this wasn't your ordinary Au jus....this was COFFEE. YES coffee! Can you imagine what my taste buds went through, anticipating a nice rare piece of Prime Rib (as I had not been eating due to being sick) and WAMO they come to a sudden screetching halt to the taste of coffee???? Well that did it for me, I sent it back and even though they brought a new meal I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. So the manager tells me, "I must have done that, we keep the coffee and the Au jus nest to each other". ????Aaaaaaahhhhh, hello? You keep the coffee and Au jus next to each other? In what kitchen could you possibly use coffe on your dinner entre plates? Anyway that's my story and well we obviously won't be headding back to that resturant anytime soon. We have a long standing joke with Steve & Denise, whomever picks the resturant will have the problem meal...yep that still stands true!
BTW Denise is expecting delivery of their 2nd baby boy in the next 4 weeks but I say she will deliver anytime now...the baby had dropped and she is starting to have small contractions. This time we got the baby shower out of the way early so she is good to go!
I caught up on all of my May DTC'ers today and looks like I'm not the only one that hasn't been keeping up....not much to report. Happy Monday!


Dannye said...

Wow that really sucks, coffee as au jus sauce are you kidding us, gross!!!!!

What a manager that one is, may be eligible for manager of the year in our books!!!

Sorry about your sucky dinner!!!

Jonni said...

What a damper on your steak dinner Gina. Coffee on the steak? YUCK! I remember Steak & Ale from when I was a little kid in Minnesota. It was a graet place to eat. Hope your tastebuds recover soon.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what the big deal is I allways put coffee on my steak. I also always like to have a little A1 in my tea. Note to self never go to Steak and Ale. Thanks!