Saturday, February 17, 2007

New tool & travel toy

I have added a chat tool at the bottom of my page. If you see me online you can click on the "chat now" button and send me a message. I'm having a problem with the time zone stamp, I'm EST but it wants the GMT so I did GMT -5 and it's still not right!
It's amazing how far technology has come.....we recently joined the rest of America and bought a PSP (that's a Portable Playstation) for Gordon to take with us when we FINALLY travel to China (hoping it's still this year). It will give him something to do, did you know you can but little mini DVD movies? Now that I like.


T & R McGrath said...

Hi Gina, all man are the same! Bob had to have a PSP too....although do you really think they will have nothing to do in China and will have time to play??? Have you seen the commercial for Johnson & Johnson products, it say "A baby changes everything" How true is that, I don't think there will be awhole lot of time for PSP! LOL Although I am sure Bob will certainly try.

Have a great weekend!

Jonni said...


I'm with ya sister! Boys must have their toys, John just recently got one of those portable Nintendo Advance games. I am hoping we have room for me to bring our portable DVD player on the plane.