Sunday, February 25, 2007

Getting caught up

OK all my blogger buddies, I'm catching up on all of you today and tomorrow! I just can't believe how time flys bye....yes even the almost 9 months that we have been waiting seems to have gone by fast. The rumor is things will slow down even more before they speed up, we are ready for that but anticipate a referral in August or Sept of THIS YEAR. I know some of you are expecting the wait to go into next year but honestly I don't have that feeling. Whatever the wait may be we are still scampering along, working on Mia's room and making sure the house is in baby shape before her arrival. I would certinally not have been ready for a referral anytime before this much to get done.
Nothing new at our house to report, our niece Joy is getting ready to graduate from High School-I just can't even believe that. Gordon and I have gotten into SEASON at work....translates into a very busy day.....All the snowbrids are down here visiting and that makes things quite busy. I'm a little under the weather this past week and weekend but am feeling a bit better today. Looks like rain down here in sunny, hot Florida today so we will be finishing up some of the painting here and there that needs to be done. NO the mural in Mia's room hasn't been touched for about 2 or 3 months but Gordon will kick it in gear once we get an idea on how much longer we have to wait. Piece by piece Mia's new bedding is arriving and I'm putting it in her room.....he has noticed a pillow but that's it! :)
Oh for all of you that live up north, well north of Florida, our leaves are finally changing color on the Maple and oak trees......yes it's almost March and this is just happening! Our weather has been too warm this year and only getting warmer each year. Send snow! Oh well at least send some cooler air!


Stacy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better today. "Snowbirds" That is a funny one.

August/September? That would be amazing. I hope your feeling is correct! That sure would through a lot of us for a loop!

Christie said...

Hey Gina, it's me your travel mate Christie. I was reading your update and besides sharing our LID date we are doing so of the exact same things. Brian and I just bought our new house at the end of September and we are so crazy getting our house ready for Maizi. We have spent the last 2 weekends painting, bordering, putting new base boards and trim on the nursery. I am also waiting for her bedding to come in the mai, I ordered it a week and half ago. I teach 3rd grade so for the past week we have been doing a unit on Chinese New Year. It's been such a fun and educational way to learn about our girls homeland. I'm with you with the referral time that would be a great!!! Just letting you know were thinking of you and Happy 9 months this coming week to us.