Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A baby boy is born! Long story.

I'm a day late here on this post but as we suspected Denise went early and delivered a 7lb 8oz baby boy yesterday morning at 0707am (2/27/07). Monday night we got a call from Steve and he said they were on the way to the hospital. They stopped of at our house to leave Tyler with us (he's 2 now). We absolutely adore Tyler and we we all ready for him, he slept in Mia's crib. OK when I say he slept well that was until he realized he wasn't at home then holy terror began! Now this is our very first experience with a child and yes I went upstairs to be with him to try and calm him down. For 2.5 hours he would not calm down! Just when I thought he was calmed down I would try and sneak out of the room, that didn't work, he just stood right up and started crying again. Being the softy that I am (an the fact that I neede some sleep) I laid on the floor next to the crib with my hand inside the crib actually resting on his head until my little angel went to sleep and then I made a MAD quiet DASH downstairs to sleep for 2.5 hours. OK it gets better....Tyler woke up happy and smiling to see us, we did the you shower, walk the dogs, feed the dogs and I'll shower and take care of Tyler, feed him and get him in the carseat and off to the daycare we have never been too and get to work on time 20 miles down the interstate in traffic. (Remember in my personal lights or sirens to help me out). Got Tyler to daycare and the little sweetie started crying because he didn't want me to leave him yea then I started getting tears too but the daycare gal swept him away from me and off I went to work making it @ 0759. Whew! WOW I have a new respect of what it is like to get a child going in the morning and will cherish this time right now as we wait for our little babe. Steve called me every step of the way with the updates on how Denise was doing....2nd child, early and 5 minutes of pushing and TADA! Remember all this was the gal that went 3 weeks early 2 years ago when her water broke at the baby shower (Tyler's) I was having for her....she is getting predictable! The baby is cute and he is named Zachary Joseph. Bedtime was early for us last night! Tyler was back on his normal routine at home-boy are they going to be 2 busy people when she gets home with another boy! I didn't have my camera otherwise you know I would have posted a pic of him.


Jonni said...

Wow Gina. You had some night. I bet you will sleep like a baby tonight. What a good friend you are to help Denise like that. That's so cute about using Mia's crib for Tyler. I know what you mean about the sudden shock of babysitting a baby. John and I watched one of my friend's daughter a few years ago and we had a great time until it was time to go to sleep. She did not want to sleep and she definitely did not want to sleep in the Pack and Play her Mom brought. She cried and cried, we thought she would stop, but wouldn't. As soon as I picked her up and we laid on the bed together, she was out like a light. Even though her Mom told me to let her cry it out, it broke my heart and man, she had a set of lungs on her. Hope you get some rest tonight. You and Gordon are the best! Congrats to Denise and Steve.

Betty said...

I'm JUST checking out your website after the tremendous baby shower you had for my niece, Denise...
I've been wondering how Denise, Steve, Tyler, and now Zachary are doing, and you managed to summarize a lot of the info already.
They're so lucky to have good friends like you and Gordon.