Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Now why could I never think that fast on my feet when I was in school!

A baby boy is born! Long story.

I'm a day late here on this post but as we suspected Denise went early and delivered a 7lb 8oz baby boy yesterday morning at 0707am (2/27/07). Monday night we got a call from Steve and he said they were on the way to the hospital. They stopped of at our house to leave Tyler with us (he's 2 now). We absolutely adore Tyler and we we all ready for him, he slept in Mia's crib. OK when I say he slept well that was until he realized he wasn't at home then holy terror began! Now this is our very first experience with a child and yes I went upstairs to be with him to try and calm him down. For 2.5 hours he would not calm down! Just when I thought he was calmed down I would try and sneak out of the room, that didn't work, he just stood right up and started crying again. Being the softy that I am (an the fact that I neede some sleep) I laid on the floor next to the crib with my hand inside the crib actually resting on his head until my little angel went to sleep and then I made a MAD quiet DASH downstairs to sleep for 2.5 hours. OK it gets better....Tyler woke up happy and smiling to see us, we did the you shower, walk the dogs, feed the dogs and I'll shower and take care of Tyler, feed him and get him in the carseat and off to the daycare we have never been too and get to work on time 20 miles down the interstate in traffic. (Remember in my personal lights or sirens to help me out). Got Tyler to daycare and the little sweetie started crying because he didn't want me to leave him yea then I started getting tears too but the daycare gal swept him away from me and off I went to work making it @ 0759. Whew! WOW I have a new respect of what it is like to get a child going in the morning and will cherish this time right now as we wait for our little babe. Steve called me every step of the way with the updates on how Denise was doing....2nd child, early and 5 minutes of pushing and TADA! Remember all this was the gal that went 3 weeks early 2 years ago when her water broke at the baby shower (Tyler's) I was having for her....she is getting predictable! The baby is cute and he is named Zachary Joseph. Bedtime was early for us last night! Tyler was back on his normal routine at home-boy are they going to be 2 busy people when she gets home with another boy! I didn't have my camera otherwise you know I would have posted a pic of him.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Out to dinner

I forgot to tell you this....Friday night we went to dinner with our friends Steve & Denise as we usually make this our friday night date, something strange happened. There is a resturant here called Steak and Ale, it's a pretty decent steak joint and the food has always been good. Well I ordered the Prime Rib and you know it always comes with the Au jus...well this wasn't your ordinary Au jus....this was COFFEE. YES coffee! Can you imagine what my taste buds went through, anticipating a nice rare piece of Prime Rib (as I had not been eating due to being sick) and WAMO they come to a sudden screetching halt to the taste of coffee???? Well that did it for me, I sent it back and even though they brought a new meal I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. So the manager tells me, "I must have done that, we keep the coffee and the Au jus nest to each other". ????Aaaaaaahhhhh, hello? You keep the coffee and Au jus next to each other? In what kitchen could you possibly use coffe on your dinner entre plates? Anyway that's my story and well we obviously won't be headding back to that resturant anytime soon. We have a long standing joke with Steve & Denise, whomever picks the resturant will have the problem meal...yep that still stands true!
BTW Denise is expecting delivery of their 2nd baby boy in the next 4 weeks but I say she will deliver anytime now...the baby had dropped and she is starting to have small contractions. This time we got the baby shower out of the way early so she is good to go!
I caught up on all of my May DTC'ers today and looks like I'm not the only one that hasn't been keeping up....not much to report. Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Getting caught up

OK all my blogger buddies, I'm catching up on all of you today and tomorrow! I just can't believe how time flys bye....yes even the almost 9 months that we have been waiting seems to have gone by fast. The rumor is things will slow down even more before they speed up, we are ready for that but anticipate a referral in August or Sept of THIS YEAR. I know some of you are expecting the wait to go into next year but honestly I don't have that feeling. Whatever the wait may be we are still scampering along, working on Mia's room and making sure the house is in baby shape before her arrival. I would certinally not have been ready for a referral anytime before this much to get done.
Nothing new at our house to report, our niece Joy is getting ready to graduate from High School-I just can't even believe that. Gordon and I have gotten into SEASON at work....translates into a very busy day.....All the snowbrids are down here visiting and that makes things quite busy. I'm a little under the weather this past week and weekend but am feeling a bit better today. Looks like rain down here in sunny, hot Florida today so we will be finishing up some of the painting here and there that needs to be done. NO the mural in Mia's room hasn't been touched for about 2 or 3 months but Gordon will kick it in gear once we get an idea on how much longer we have to wait. Piece by piece Mia's new bedding is arriving and I'm putting it in her room.....he has noticed a pillow but that's it! :)
Oh for all of you that live up north, well north of Florida, our leaves are finally changing color on the Maple and oak trees......yes it's almost March and this is just happening! Our weather has been too warm this year and only getting warmer each year. Send snow! Oh well at least send some cooler air!

Friday, February 23, 2007

New designs!

I have definately been a blog slacker over these past few weeks. The storefront at Cafe Press has been keeping me busy. Nothing new to report here on my end as our wait continues to grow and we are holding on tight for this ride we call the wait!

If you get a chance stop over at the store and see my new designs. I can personalize/customize most anything you see.

Here is my most recent!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chat tool

OK the verdict is in.......NO GO ! The online chat box that I put up just isn't worth the time so off it goes tomorrow. Thanks for all that tried it out for me but don't even bother with it unless you are on your page all day long.

Day Off tomorrow and I hope to get caught up on my blogs. I've been spending so much time on my on-line store that I have neglected the blogger world. Miss you guys!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

New tool & travel toy

I have added a chat tool at the bottom of my page. If you see me online you can click on the "chat now" button and send me a message. I'm having a problem with the time zone stamp, I'm EST but it wants the GMT so I did GMT -5 and it's still not right!
It's amazing how far technology has come.....we recently joined the rest of America and bought a PSP (that's a Portable Playstation) for Gordon to take with us when we FINALLY travel to China (hoping it's still this year). It will give him something to do, did you know you can but little mini DVD movies? Now that I like.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Day to me! My hubby got me this beautiful ring!!!
Hope all enjoyed their sucked but my husband made it a great day for me!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Recipes posted

Hi all.....I put the cookie and frosting recipe up on my recipe here to visit it.
By the way, these cookies are SUPER EASY just time consuming when you frost them but all well worth the work...YUM O!
If you are lookig for a quick cookie this is the recipe and you don't have to frost them either, they are great all by themselves.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cookie Time!

A few weeks ago I told you about a baby shower I am throwing, well it's this weekend. I also told you that I was going to try Royal Icing....did it. Here are some pictures of the cookies I made with the help of Kerri, my partner at work. After seeing the price $$$ of a cookie bouquet I decided to try and re-create them myself. The cookie recipe is from my mother-in-law, it's a shortbread and the frosting is Royal icing that is made w/Meringue powder. It took a few hours to get the hang of icing but we finally mastered it! Yes, that's a worked MUCH better than the frosting tips. CLICK ON the pictures for a close up. I will put the recipes up on my recipe blog tomorrow....after my test at work. Tonight I need to study for a few hours so no more blogging for now.
**By the's going to be a boy, that's why all the blue and no pink on the cookies (In case you wondered).